iOS 11 Preview: Love it or Leave it

Android has always been about customization. From custom ROMs to changing the user interface to just simply overclocking the CPU to your liking—name it. An Android Geek can do that.

I owned a few Nexus (long live!) devices before and few users were blessed to try the pre-released version of the OS for testing and reporting bugs straight to Google. Little did I know that Apple also have this program in their sleeves named Apple Beta Software Program.

I got the chance to try the iOS 11 and I’ve been using it for almost a month now. Of course, the OS is still buggy given that it’s still in beta so you better use it on your spare iOS device. Anyway, here’s a list of the features that I love on this latest version of iOS:

1. Customizable Control Center

Finally! We can now turn on the cellular data without digging in on the settings menu. The Control Center is very customizable which will save you a few clicks around the home screen.

2. Screen Recording

This one’s baked right into the OS. This allows you to record a video of what’s happening on your screen and save it on your camera roll. Perfect for sharing a walkthrough to your friends (or secretly saving someone’s Snap)

3. New Camera Filters

This can save you time with post processing via third party photo editing apps. The Camera now offers professional-like filters that will give you more desirable end-products.

4. Screenshots: Edit and Save

There’s a new way of interacting with your screenshots in iOS. Right after taking snap of your screen, you will be able to add scribbles and notes to it: right in the built in app.

5. QuickType Keyboard

This will be very useful for the Plus model users given the fact that one hand typing is almost impossible. Well, say no more!
6. Redesigned App Store

Feeling bored? Try checking the new  games tabs of the App Store. Discover new apps daily handpicked by Apple Editors.
7. Indoor Maps

This feature is very helpful when you’re inside a mall searching for a specific store or a restaurant. Who’s up for an adventure?


Will I recommend the new OS to my friends? Nope. I would suggest that you wait for the official release in September alongside the release of the new iPhones (rumors say Apple will release three). The OS is still buggy, but tolerable enough to be my daily driver.

I have yet to try the other features because some of them are still not working properly as of this writing (version on Beta 2) but Apple has given us a preview already. Expected features also include a proper Files App, DND on Drive Mode, and a more interactive Live Photos.

If you consider the list I made above as a must try, you can enroll your iOS device at Apple Beta Software Program and serve your iPhone a fresh new taste. Friendly advice: Don’t forget to back up via iTunes in case you want to get back on how things were before.


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