Quick Escape to the Summer Capital

It’s once again my favorite part of the year: summer time! And I know that you’re all thinking about sand beaches, palm trees, and sea breeze. But did you know that the Summer Capital of the Philippines doesn’t have any of that? Yup! In fact, it’s the complete other way around. And I’m talking about cool air, pine trees, and mountain breeze.

In case you’re unaware, Philippines is an archipelago located at Southeast Asia near the Pacific Ocean. This tropical country is surrounded by water—blessed with good beaches and almost every island has their own pride when it comes to giving a doze of some fresh Vitamin Sea. Basically, we only have two seasons: wet and dry. Unfortunately, summer here in the Philippines is getting warmer and warmer every year, no thanks to global warming (yes, it is real). Hence, it really is a no-brainer that people would want a colder weather to escape the blazing heat. Alright, welcome to Baguio City!


For a quick history lesson, Philippines was once an American Colony during the early 20th century. The American Government then searched for a place with the same climate as theirs and unsurprisingly, they picked a spot on top of the Cordillera Mountain Range as it possesses the subtropical highland climate which made them feel at home. They developed the place, and selected it as the summer capital. With its cold weather and good view of the mountains, you will surely love your stay in Baguio as it receives noticeably less precipitation during dry season.

“Tara, akyat tayo sa Baguio.” You’ve probably said these words (or heard them from the locals) when you just wanna chill and escape the summer heat.  Thank goodness, I had the chance to visit this highly urbanized city. Here are some photos from my unexpected trip.

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset
The weather will let you rock your hoodies and sweaters.
Processed with VSCO with 4 preset
Golf course at Camp John Hay.
Processed with VSCO with a8 preset
Pine trees are everywhere.

Your Baguio trip will never be complete without dropping by at the Strawberry Farm. Here, you can buy fresh strawberries at a very affordable price. And of course, you also get the chance of handpicking them. How about some ice cream?

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset
Cold weather, cold food. The best strawberry ice cream in the whole Philippines.
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
The fog-covered Cordillera Mountains.

There are a lot of destinations to go to if you’re visiting the city. Arts museums, vegetable market, cafes and diners, churches and temples, thrift shops. Name it—you will find it here. Unfortunately, my limited time did not allow me to do so. But one thing’s for sure, I will explore more next time to complete my Baguio experience. Til my next akyat!


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